Health-care staff enjoy a night out in Teulon

Posted on November 9th
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Two hundred people from Teulon and surrounding areas enjoyed a night out at Teulon Healthcare Foundation’s community celebration last Friday at Rockwood Centennial Centre. Over half of the attendees were health care workers and their family members.

Emcee for the evening was David Oakley, vice-chair of the foundation. He said the event was a way to come together to acknowledge people’s appreciation for health care staff in all areas of health service delivery.

“We have all experienced several tough years recently. The Teulon Healthcare Foundation wanted to host an evening that brought our health-care workers together with community to give us a chance to acknowledge the hardships and challenges they have faced. We also wanted to say thank-you for everything they do to support our community,” Oakley said.

“The response to the evening and the enthusiasm amongst health-care workers was overwhelming! It was a wonderful opportunity to see how many people are actually involved in health-care in our community and it was heartwarming to see them enjoying themselves.”

Former mayor of Teulon, Anna Pazdzierski, opened the evening with some Teulon health-care history noting that the hospital’s namesake, Dr. Hunter, build the town’s first hospital in 1903 and that he was known for the care and support he extended to the area’s Ukrainian settlers. Also appearing was comedian and mental health advocate Big Daddy Tazz who garnered big laughs and a standing ovation with his stories about growing up in rural Manitoba and his experiences in the health care system as a patient.

In planning the evening, the organizing committee approached Teulon elementary school for their participation. Staff and students were all on board to create tributes to health-care workers. Collections of small canvases with students’ messages of gratitude graced every table at the event.

Interlake-Eastern RHA’s chief executive officer, Marion Ellis, was among health-care leaders who attended the event. She expressed gratitude to the evening’s sponsors and spoke about the RHA’s appreciation for the volunteerism that benefits health care across the region. The regional health authority is aware that staff, residents and patients are keen to see people return to their volunteer contributions.

Candace Blahey, who manages Teulon’s Hunter Memorial Hospital, said the evening was a welcome night out for health care staff.

“It was lovely of the foundation to recognize health-care workers and their commitment to caring for the people of the community. It was fabulous for staff in attendance to be able to share in an evening that was filled with laughter and acknowledgment of the work that is being done,” Blahey said.

“I also appreciated the attendance of the regional health authority’s program directors, chief nursing officer and our chief executive officer. Their presence at this event meant a lot not only to myself but to the staff who were able to enjoy this evening out. Thank you to the Teulon Healthcare Foundation for undertaking this recognition. It is greatly appreciated.”

Joining the Teulon Healthcare Foundation in sponsoring the evening were the Town of Teulon, Teulon Chamber of Commerce and Interlake Healthcare Sustainability Committee.