Teulon Healthcare Foundation Hosted a Community Healthcare Celebration Evening!

Free festivities celebrated Teulon health-care workers
By Jennifer McFee

Health-care workers deserve a big dose of gratitude for their ongoing dedication, particularly during the pandemic.
A celebratory event in Teulon offered the ideal opportunity to honour and recognize contributions of the community’s health-care team.

Healthcare Workers Appreciation Day, hosted by the Teulon Healthcare Foundation, took place Friday, Nov. 4 at Teulon Rockwood Centennial Centre. The evening event was free to attend, and festivities included live entertainment from Big Daddy Tazz as well as snacks and a cash bar.

David Oakley, vice-chair of the Teulon Healthcare Foundation, said the event was all about saying thank-you to health-care workers. Members of the public were also invited to share join in the celebration.

“It was an overwhelming success. We asked every department manager that’s involved in local health care in Teulon to invite their staff and anybody they felt was part of their team. We also had managers who aren’t in Teulon every day who wanted to be there for their staff,” he said.

“It was for everyone who wanted to be there — housekeeping, dietary, health-care aides, nurses, physicians, diagnostics, paramedics. Any community member was welcome to come too. We wanted to make it as comprehensive as possible.”

At the event, health-care workers were given a ribbon to wear so community members could easily identify them and share their gratitude.

“They’ve had two really tough years. This was a chance for people in the community to say ‘Thank you for what you’ve endured.’ This wasn’t limited to current staff — it was also for health-care workers who have retired and those who volunteered prior to COVID,” Oakley said.

“This was for our local health-care workers but was relevant to health-care workers around the world. Saying thank you goes a long way — and that’s what this is all about.”

At the same time, the Teulon Healthcare Foundation continues to gratefully accept monetary donations. Donations of $50 or more will receive a tax receipt.

“From the foundation perspective, we raise money locally and put it back into buying things for our health-care facilities and staff to help them out. This was our opportunity for the community to see all these workers in the community and what a big impact they’ve had,” Oakley said.

“We want our local workers in Teulon to understand how much support there is for them.”

In addition to hosting the event, the Teulon Healthcare Foundation was the major sponsor. Additional sponsors included the Town of Teulon, the Teulon Chamber of Commerce and the Interlake Healthcare Sustainability Committee.